StaffWarehouse makes marketing easy for all types of brands and companies, by working with the best promotional staff and delivering new and innovative strategies that generate actual results, from initial planning to implementation and campaign reporting.
Promotional campaigns designed and developed by StaffWarehouse have a strong impact on consumers, combining the regular experiential marketing strategies with complex services, such as Guerrilla marketing and ambient media, as well as other features like pop up shops and projections. In order to engage consumers entirely, we are an agency that handles everything, including logistics and production, space hire, exhibition staff, field marketing campaigns and roadshows.
A promotions agency that is truly dedicated to its work. There is no project that goes by unattended. Each and every one of our clients that have collaborated with StaffWarehouse agrees that all marketing objectives have been properly fulfilled this leads to impressive results in terms of popularity. If there is anything that really matters in marketing campaigns, then creativity is the word you are looking for. Luckily, StaffWarehouse has plenty creativity and this is what sets our work apart in the marketing field. 0203 487 1166
StaffWarehouse Experiential & Promotional Staffing Agency
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National promotional staffing agency providing clients with promotional staffing solutions and models, fresh experiential marketing ideas. Our Pop up Shop experts will find you the right location, design and install your next pop up shop. Call us now to find out more:


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